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  • : frank beswick
  • : The blog of Frank Beswick. It deals with my interests in religious, philosophical spiritual matters and horticulture/self-reliance
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  • How to garden organically

    20 April 2011 ( #Agriculture )

    The article shows how to establish and run an organic vegetable garden by showing how organic gardeners feed the soil, avoid pesticide use and rotate planting. "Feed the soil and the soil feeds the plants." This is the principle of the organic movement....

  • A guide to the Farm Bureau of America

    19 July 2011 ( #Agriculture )

    The Farm Bureau of America is an umbrella organisation covering fifty state farm bureaus. Founded in 1911, it exists as the Voice of Agriculture and to work for strong and prosperous rural communities. Besides providing a voice for farmers, it offers...

  • A guide to building a log cabin

    08 August 2011 ( #Architecture )

    Log cabins are a simple, but effective structures that work by fitting logs together. Sometimes they can be purchased from companies that specialise in wooden house design. The main requirement is that the wood must be properly seasoned and machined to...

  • The Institute for Creation Research: The facts

    26 July 2011 ( #Art & Design )

    The Institute for Creation Research was founded in 1972 and is centred in Dallas. Its mission is to counter scientific evolutionism in favour of the book of Genesis, which it sees as a literal account of the creation of Earth. It has undertaken some research...

  • Where to find bird rescue centres

    10 August 2011 ( #Birds )

    Bird rescue centres can be found on the internet where you can find addresses and phone numbers. Some centres specialise in types of birds such as crows, chickens etc. though others take birds in general, sometimes in conjunction with other wildlife....

  • A biography of St. John of the Cross

    15 August 2011 ( #Celebrities )

    Saint John of the Cross was a Spanish mystic, writer and founder of a strict religious order and a significant influence in the counter-reformation. He was active in reforming the religious life of his time and wrote some highly-rated mystical works and...

  • How to self publish online?

    09 May 2011 ( #Digital & online )

    Self-publishing online is becoming far more common as authors bypass traditional publishing companies, who publish in the traditional way. The work needs to meet the professional standards expected of a printed book. There are several companies which...

  • A guide to building your own home

    21 July 2011 ( #Do-it-yourself & Construction )

    Building your home involves purchasing land, gaining planning permission and working with local council officials. You will need to decide what you want, what you can afford and what skills and labour you need to do it. You will need a careful plan and...

  • How to insulate a loft hatch

    18 July 2011 ( #Do-it-yourself & Construction )

    A loft hatch can lose much heat from the house through the roof. It can be insulated using a variety of materials, and ideally the insulation must include some form of draught excluder at the edges. There is a variety or products on sale in do it yourself...

  • How to build the perfect Koi fish pond

    29 July 2011 ( #Do-it-yourself & Construction )

    Koi ponds must be deep enough to keep the fish safe from predators and warm in winter, especially in the British climate, and must also have protection for human safety. They need to be situated in the right place and made with suitable materials, properly...

  • How to build a windmill?

    25 June 2011 ( #Eco energy )

    Building a windmill involves buying a windmill kit. The windmill will have sails, a shaft on which to affix the sails, a pole to mount them and several electrical devices, and must be carefully situated. These need to be properly affixed and wired so...

  • A guide to solar-powered homes

    21 July 2011 ( #Eco energy )

    Solar power can be added to an existing house, which may involve retrofitting, or built into its design. Some solar power is acquired by directly heating water through tubes on the roof, and other ways of passively collecting heat. However solar energy...

  • The facts about windmill power

    08 August 2011 ( #Eco energy )

    Windmill power is a renewable form of energy capable of being harnessed in a domestic residence or on a larger scale. Hills and coastlines are considered to be ideal places for wind generation, as they have regular wind. There have been complaints about...

  • How can I help endangered animals?

    06 May 2011 ( #Ecology )

    Helping endangered animals involves understanding the causes, nature and extent of the danger that an animal species faces. Having established this, we must work out what the human contribution to the cause of the danger is. We must then work out what...

  • Grants for schools in the UK: The facts

    19 July 2011 ( #Ecology )

    Schools in the United Kingdom can apply for a range of grants to augment their income. These can come for a variety of purposes such as sports, skill development and equipment. They come from a range of sources in the UK and European Union, and there...

  • What are the effects of deforestation?

    16 August 2011 ( #Ecology )

    Deforestation occurs when forests are destroyed, but are not replaced. There is an immediate effect on the flora and fauna, on the soil of forested lands, and a loss of some valuable resources such as sources of medicines.The wider effects include global...

  • Where to find alpacas for sale

    06 July 2011 ( #Farm animals )

    Alpacas are useful farm animals whose numbers are growing as they are kept as farm animals for wool production, and as exotic pets. There are many breeders now who can supply them. These breeders have internet sites, but it is useful to purchase them...

  • A guide to Blackberry Farm, Sussex

    05 August 2011 ( #Farm animals )

    Blackberry Farm is a family farm where families can interact with animals and fowl of over two hundred kinds. The emphasis is on common farm animals, but there are some more exotic species, such as llamas and some pets, such as guinea pigs, and wild animals....

  • Aluminium fence: Pros and cons

    26 July 2011 ( #Garden & exterior )

    Aluminium fencing is becoming more common because it is lightweight and easy to handle. Much of what can be done with wrought iron can be done with aluminium, often quite cheaply, but there can be disadvantages in that it does not have the strength that...

  • The origins of Christmas

    18 April 2011 ( #History )

    The origins of the modern festival of Christmas Midwinter is not a pleasant time. It is cold and dark, especially as you go further north, so people needed to boost their spirits as the shortest day approached. Across Europe a great midwinter Pagan festival...

  • A brief history of the Phoenicians

    18 June 2011 ( #History )

    The Phoenicians were a loose cultural group dwelling in cities on the coastal plain of Palestine and ethnically connected to the Canaanites. They developed a powerful maritime, trading culture between 1500 and 300 b.c, their ships even reaching the British...

  • An introduction to the Church Growth Movement

    04 July 2011 ( #History )

    The Church Growth Movement arose out of a book, the Bridges of God, in which Donald McGavran explained his theory that church growth could only proceed if theological and sociological factors were taken into consideration. He was keen to understand the...

  • All about Cork County Council

    20 July 2011 ( #History )

    Cork County Council [Comhairle Contae Chorcai] controls all the services which are expected of Irish county councils, such as motor taxation, planning and amenities. It is divided into ten districts for the purpose of electing councillors, but divides...

  • Was the Sheriff of Nottingham more than just the Nottinghamshire Police

    25 June 2011 ( #History )

    The High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire is a position originating in Anglo-Saxon times, but in later years it added extra responsibilities. This article questions whether the Sheriff of Nottingham was more than just the Nottinghamshire Police. The scope of...

  • A history of Jewish culture

    25 July 2011 ( #History )

    Jewish culture is a stream with roots deep in history and tied to a particular nation and religion. The religion is the framework on which it exists, but the culture is bound together by a set of shared festivals. Jewish culture is characterised by a...

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