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August 10 2011 4 10 /08 /August /2011 12:41

Bird rescue centres can be found on the internet where you can find addresses and phone numbers. Some centres specialise in types of birds such as crows, chickens etc. though others take birds in general, sometimes in conjunction with other wildlife. They are distributed around Britain but with a concentration in the southern part of Britain and the English Midlands. This article provides a guide to finding bird rescue centres.


Types of centre

The Internet lists types rescue centre, the Index of UK animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centres. Some centres specialize in types of bird. There are some dealing with battery chickens, but others deal in Corvids [crow family] or swans. Some will care for an injured raptor, bird of prey. There are general centres which deal with any bird that arrives.

General centres

North Cornwall Bird Rescue takes any kind of bird, as does Denbighshire Avian Rescue. The British Trust for Ornithology is a well-resourced organisation with much skill available and general understanding of the needs of all birds. It is based in Thetford, Norfolk.

Birdiemama's in Buckingham takes a wide range. Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre in Staffordshire takes all kinds of injured birds. Foxgrove Vet centre, Kent, specialises in birds. There are no general rescue centres listed as being in Scotland.

The Quality of Life Animal Sanctuary in Devon rescues a wide range of animals but will be interested in taking injured wild birds in the hope of releasing them.

Specialist organisations

Some centres specialise in corvids, members of the crow family which also includes rooks, ravens and jays. There is a crow and corvid rescue centre in Wolverhampton. There is also Leicestershire rook rescue.

There are several bird sanctuaries that specialise in raptors. Fallhead Falconry also take owls. Holderness Raptor Rescue is on Humberside. There is Barnowlbill owl and bird of prey sanctuary.

Tinkers Hill Bird of Prey Rescue Centre is the only one in West Wales specialising in raptors and it also takes swans. The North Wales Bird Trust at Llandudno specialises in owls. There is also Cotswold Owl Rescue,

Cuckoo Weir in Berkshire specialises in swans. The Bird Trust UK specialises in water birds in Western England and Wales. Barnowlbill's Owl and Bird of Prey sanctuary does not list a specific address but can be contacted by telephone or internet. There is a National Gull Rescue and Protection in Eastbourne.

Parrots and Macaws are rescued by Island of Kerrara in Argyll, Scotland. Macaw and Parrot Rescue is based in Suffolk.

There is also Chicken Rescue in Sapcote, Staffordshire which specialises in battery hens. A major charity is the Battery Hen Welfare Trust which has organisers across the country.

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