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June 14 2011 3 14 /06 /June /2011 07:31

There are three main safari parks in the U.K. Longleat is situated in the south of England and has a wide range of large safari animals. Woburn is situated in Bedfordshire and also has a large number of safari animal species. Knowsley is near Liverpool and has several kinds of safari animal from across the world.


Animals from Africa

Longleat displays many African animals. Lions, elephants monkeys, giraffes and rhinos can be seen with cheetahs, wildebeest and zebra. The safari park aims to create an environment which is as realistic as possible and is a home from home.

Animals are given an environment in which they are free to move around. The park also has tigers, although these are Asian animals. Monkeys are a popular attraction, and they have their own enclosure.

Important considerations

Longleat is situated on the A362 between Warminster and frome. Drivers can access this road from Junction 18 on the M4. If you are taking your car, remember, safety matters, so visitors have to make sure that they travel in enclosed vehicles without a soft or open top. Nor are they allowed out of vehicles in certain places.



Woburn is one of England's best known wildlife parks, and it is situated in Bedfordshire, which places it in Eastern England. It is the park most accessible from East Anglia. Drivers can access Woburn from the M1, leaving at junctions 12 or 13. The park is well signposted after these junctions.

Information on animals

Woburn contains a wide variety of safari animals, similar in range to Longleat. Rare white rhinos can be seen, and there are the usual lions and several species of antelope, and it has specimens of the African wild ass. There are several kinds of monkeys. Visitors can drive through subject to the usual safety rules outlined above, and they can also attend a range of talks on wildlife.


The north

Knowsley is the northern safari park. situated near Liverpool. It is accessible from the M62, junction 6. This leads drivers to the A57, which they leave at exit 2, whereupon they can easily follow the signs for the park. Knowsley is the park most accessible for people from north west England and Cheshire. Like the other parks, you can drive through subject to safety regulations.

The park has a wide range of species besides the normal lions,etc. Among the animal wildlife visitors can see are African wild dogs, cape buffalo from South Africa and the graceful eland, a kind of antelope. Species from across Africa and Asia are to be found at Knowsley.

Monkey at Longleat Safari Park | Source http://www. flickr. com/photoKnowsley Safari Park

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