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August 26 2011 6 26 /08 /August /2011 13:49

Seeds can be purchased from many outlets. However, not all of them are of high quality. You need to know something about seeds so that you can choose the best ones. Garden centres are a popular outlet though there are others such as seed companies. Many of these seed companies have catalogues and can be found online.


About seeds

There is a wide range of seeds. There are peas, beans and tiny onion seeds. Some seeds take a few weeks or months to grow. However, biennials such as onions will produce in two years.

Good-quality seeds are important as cheap seeds are a false economy. Seeds are living organisms, so they must respire. However, the air breathed burns up stored sugars. Therefore, as seeds age, they have fewer stored food resources than young seeds have. Hence, they are not likely to grow at all or otherwise, grow well.

The smaller the seed, the shorter its lifespan as it has less food stored in it. Cheap seeds are often over a year old, or maybe more. Sadly, some gardeners have experience of buying a packet of cheap seeds which does not germinate.

Garden centres

The most popular places for seeds are garden centres where there will be a wide range of seeds. However, be careful since they sometimes sell seeds past the sell-by-date, the time in the year after which they will not germinate.

Don't buy any after the planting date, unless they are veg seeds that you want to use for sprouting. This is growing seeds in a tray and eating them when they are very small, the stage at which they are most nourishing.

Do not do this with flower or potato seeds as some are poisonous. Take care and do some research. Some nurseries may sell seeds, but most specialise in plant sales

Other sources

Seeds online

This is a popular means of buying. There are some companies such as Bakker and Thompson and Morgan which sell seeds online and which have a strong catalogue sales service.

You can access their catalogues online and order by post or email. Herb seed is easily available here. Marshalls seeds also operates a strong mail order system. Garden Direct sell a wide range of plants like the previously mentioned companies. They advertise and offer quality gardening for less.

There are others such as Greenfingers.com and Halcyonplants .co.uk. Seeds.com by post is a mail order operation. Seeds at a reasonable price are offered by Supaprice.co.uk.

If you want specific seeds such as sunflower seeds, you can type the name of the seed into your browse. There are several sites advertising specific seeds such as begonias.


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