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July 6 2011 4 06 /07 /July /2011 16:26

Alpacas are useful farm animals whose numbers are growing as they are kept as farm animals for wool production, and as exotic pets. There are many breeders now who can supply them. These breeders have internet sites, but it is useful to purchase them from a breeder near to you, if possible, as this will mean less travel for the alpacas. Find more in this article.

Growing numbers

Why keep alpacas?

Some individuals just like them as pets to keep on their lands, but others see them as sources of a very high quality wool that can feed a woollen industry. Some farmers add them to the livestock on ther farms. At Hafod -y-Glan farm, near Snowdon, the farmer believes that the introducton of alpacas has deterred foxes that were attacking lambs, as alpacas make excellent sheep guards.

Considerations when buying

Remember that alpacas are herd animals and can become lonely if they are deprived of other alpacas. Human company is not enough for them. Alpaca owners should consider taking more than one. This is important if you are a smallholder on a limited budget.

Take either a male and female or two females. Never take two males as they will not get on. Two geldings/wethers (castrated males) will rarely fight. If you want them as sheep guards, be sure that two did the job at Hafod-y-Glan.

Where to find them

Alpaca breeders are found all around the country, all of which have alpacas for sale. There is a website Alpacafinder.co.uk which shows you where to purchase them. You can also type 'alpaca breeders in the UK' for a good website.

There are more alpaca breeders in the south than in the north. Some will be named here, and you can then look them up on a search engine. The website is available if it includes hyphens or is not obvious from the name of the farm.

In Devon, Laurel Farm is an alpaca stud, found at Alpacas-for-sale.co.uk. Langaton Farm also sells alpacas. Dorset has Snooks Farm alpacas.

In the South-East, the alpaca stud is found in West Sussex. In Kent, there is Goodwin alpacas. In the east, Suffolk has Melford Green alpacas. As you move into Northamptonshire, check out Viracochaalpacas.co.uk.

In Yorkshire, you find Fowberry alpacas (Fowberry-alpacas.com) for sale. This farm seems to offer a range of alpacas, such as alpacas for stud, herd sires and geldings, as well as females for breeding and wool.

Going westwards we find that the Lancashire site Sudell-alpacas.piczo.com is located north of Preston. In Cheshire, Oaklyn Farm is a new breeder and there is Llamaland. Outside England, type in 'alpacas of Ireland' for a site in Kildare.

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Bernard Northmore 07/18/2012 09:26

It's not true to say that two entire males will not get on; many breeders have herds which include two or more stud males. I'd also like to add that in Somerset you will find
blacklandsalpacas.co.uk !

frankbeswick 07/19/2012 08:12

Thankyou. Extra information is always useful.