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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 15:05

A same day service must deliver flowers to the destination promptly and in excellent condition at a reasonable price. You should look at the condition of the flowers and the kind of flowers which are sent. You should consider the skill of the florists and see whether it is a local service or not.This article details out what to look for in a same day flower service.

Basic considerations


Any service must deliver what it says. Hence, the same day florists must not only deliver to the destination on the day specified, but do it as soon as possible or at a specified time. You should consider how promptly they deliver. One consideration is the final time for same day orders. Some services specify 14.30, others 15.00. There may be other times for other florists. Do the florists use their own vans or hire them from others? Whether their prices are reasonable or not is an important question.


If you want your flowers to be delivered, you want to guarantee their condition. Will they be in excellent condition? Have they been freshly cut and sufficiently watered? You do not want flowers which are going off. Drooping flowers or leaves are not acceptable. Will they be kept in the best possible conditions during the transportation? This is an important consideration if they are going for a long distance. Are the flowers fully bloomed or is there blossoming to come? Those which are not blossomed yet will live longer than others.

Range of options

Floral delivery services can vary in their range of offerings. You need to examine the range and quality of the offering. When ordering flowers, you need to know whether the florist can supply a bouquet for a specific purpose, for example for a bereavement, a funeral wreath, an exam success, childbirth, etc.

Online florists

Online florists can show their offerings on their website and this is useful. You will want to know the range of flowers available. Is there a wide or narrow range available?

The skills of the florist

The skill of the florist matters. You will want a well-arranged display which demonstrates the florist's skill, and creates a good impression on the recipient. Whether the florist has a qualification in floristry is significant, as you have to be aware that there are "cowboys" in all occupations. You should consider whether the florists draw on local florists, as these flowers will have to travel for a shorter distance than those which are not locally drawn.


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