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August 4 2011 5 04 /08 /August /2011 13:40

Indoor plants are generally tropical forest or desert plants, some of which can take low-light conditions while others need high humidity. They come in a wide variety of kinds such as cacti, orchids, fruit, lilies, bromeliads and trees. They are often colourful, easy to maintain and some even have the ability to clean air.This article details out the types of indoor house plants.



Generally, houseplants do not grow well outdoors in normal climates. However, their beauty makes people want to grow them. There are some that grow outdoors such as geraniums. Some quite substantial plants can be grown in a conservatory. These include rubber plant. A wide variety of cacti make very suitable indoor plants as they take little space and require not much watering. One such cactus is the prickly pear.

Indoor edibles

There are some indoor herbs such as basil sage and Italian parsley, all of which have culinary use. There are cactus, ferns and tropical plants. Tomatoes and peppers are often grown indoors on window ledges and there are some dwarf fruit frees.

These include dwarf orange, lemon trees. pomegranate, olive and calamondin, a hybrid citrus fruit. The banana variety Dwarf Cavendish is attractive. The Ficus plant [fig] is very popular and easy to grow.

Common home plants

There is a range of plants suitable for a domestic dwelling. Some orchids grow well indoors including lady's slipper and moth orchid. The peace lily is popular and has the advantage of tolerating low-light conditions.

Ferns can grow in low-light conditions, a popular one being Boston fern. Sanseveria [mother-in-law's tongue] is popular, as is spider plant, which you can easily propagate from runners.

More exotic plants

Bromeliads are the plant family to which pineapple belongs. Though pineapple is not easily grown except in greenhouses, there are several bromeliad species whose attractive foliage make fine houseplants such as the easy to grow scarlet star.

Zebra plant

The zebra plant has attractive foliage and flowers, as does Elephant's ear. Some of these, though, require high humidity. You may think of growing them in a conservatory, keeping them humid to meet their needs. Weeping fig is also popular and it has the reputation of refreshing the air in the house. It especially gets rid of ammonia fumes

Some plants are known for the beauty of their flowers. Anthericum which comes from Hawaii, is one, as are several kinds of orchid, such as Cattleya orchid. Chinese jasmine and firecracker flower both are popular for this reason.

A final word

To grow flowers well indoors means that you need to examine the conditions that they need. These include soil, light and humidity conditions.

BromeliadHong Kong Park Conservatory in Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong. | Source I

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