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Plantng trees is easy as long as certain rules are kept.


The first rule is to plant during the dormant season. This is the winter time, when the tree is inactive. As a general rule you plant trees in months with an R in them, September to March. However, the best time is November to January, when the ground is coldest. In Britain the ideal time is November to December, but in certain places where the winter soil is frozen, the planting is best done just before Spring when the soil is warmed up.This rule applies to deciduous trees, but evergreens can be planted at any time of year.


The hole that you dig should be square to prevent roots turning into a circular pattern, though it is not dangerous to dig a round hole. Its depth should be equal to the depth from the bottom of the roots to the point at which the trunk begins. Do not plant deeper than this as excessive depth is not thought to be good for the tree.  You can place a water tube into the ground so that it protrudes. This will enable water to be passed down to the roots in dry weather.


Insert the tree into the hole and back fill it with compost. Fill it to ground level, but not deeper. Then heel down the soil. This is pressing the soil down with your heel. The purpose of this practice is to squeeze out air pockets, which prevent the roots from contacting soil and absorbing water and minerals. Ensure that you water the tree well. Do this by watering the soil around its base.




You can insert a tree stake. This is a pole fastened to the tree that enables it to hold firm in bad winds. It should be diagonal to the tree rather than vertical and fastened with suitable straps. Do not use ties that are too thin or they might cut into the tree bark. They might also snap. The tree stake should be inserted before the hole is filled.


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