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April 28 2011 5 28 /04 /April /2011 19:20

This article shows you how to earn money from writing articles, reviews and other forms of writing. It demonstrates how to be professional in your attitude and ways of working, which will, in turn, enable you to produce the kind of work that editors actually want.

Getting started

Many people dream of writing for money, but no one can write about everything, so decide what is your specialist area. This should be what you you know most about and are most interested in.

You must decide what type of writing to do: e.g.articles, stories, reviews or plays. However, realise that an article is not so easily written. It must be carefully crafted, and you can only do this by editing and making improvements. You need to write what readers will want to read.

Writing professionally

Most people can write something, but if you want payment for writing, you need professional writing skills. Being paid to write means getting an editor to accept your work. It is rare that an editor accepts an article sent by post. You must contact the editor to see what the magazine wants and submit proposals for articles.

Study the magazine and adapt your writing to its style and requirements. If you see an article in the magazine and can think of an article that takes a point further or is a spin-off from it, make your suggestion to the editor. But before you submit the article, ensure that it is double spaced with your name at the top left of the first page, that it has page numbers and that it is presented in excellent English This will show that you have a professional approach. Being professional means carefully editing your work before you submit it.

Developing your skills

Anyone who wants to know how to be a freelance writer must realise that no one is the 'perfect' writer. You can always improve even if you have excellent English, particularly when you are a beginner. There are several courses run by writing school, some courses teach you journalism, and others might teach writing skills in general. You might even want to attend an online writing class or join a local writers' group for feedback on your work.

However, one of the most important ways to develop is to be never fully satisfied with what you have written. Try to constantly improve, and keep working at it. Remember, most writers struggle at first so do persevere!


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