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May 23 2011 2 23 /05 /May /2011 15:11

Knowing how to spell may be difficult for some people, but spelling is simply a matter of establishing good spelling habits and sticking to them. There are specific techniques that help you to learn the correct spelling of any word in English. There are also a number of spelling games and activities that anyone can perform to improve their spelling.

Good habits

The causes of spelling difficulties

Spelling difficulties are caused by a number of problems such as bad teaching in early years, early hearing problems and dyslexia, to name a few. If you are unsure about a word, it is advised to have an English dictionary on hand to be able to check your spelling. Make sure to note the the proper spelling and then learn it for future use.

Identifying bad spelling habits

It is important to identify errors learned in early childhood and try to overcome them.You can counter a bad habit by developing a positive one. Keep track of these persistent errors and have them at the back of your mind when writing. People often do not grasp the basic rules of spelling - this consequently leads to mistakes. It is therefore important to obtain a book about spelling rules and learn these rules.

Gaining confidence

Lack of confidence is a problem for many people. Here is the method to develop your confidence: Choose a word you have spelled wrongly.

Write it out. Then study it, spelling out the letters.

Cover it over. Write it and then uncover and check.

If you have it right, you have won, if it is wrong, identify your error, and write it twice.

If you are wrong, have a break and come back to it. Then make sure you use the correctly spelled word in a sentence.

Make it interesting

Spelling activities

A common activity with children is to write a wrongly spelled word and then challenge them to see how quickly they find the mistake. Any game involving spelling words is useful, as long as you have a dictionary on hand.


One game that is very useful and can be done individually is to take one word and see how many words can be formed from it. This can be done in front of a computer and you may check the spelling online. Alternatively, you may also run the words through spell-check in Microsoft Word. These word games enable people to learn spelling skills and to steadily build up confidence. There are a number of spelling activities on educational websites that can be used.

dictionary definition - businessspelling and quotation marks

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