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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 10:33

The Institute for Creation Research was founded in 1972 and is centred in Dallas. Its mission is to counter scientific evolutionism in favour of the book of Genesis, which it sees as a literal account of the creation of Earth. It has undertaken some research expeditions but has been subject to criticism for the limitations of its science faculty. This article provides an insight into the Institute for Creation Research.


Basic principles

The Institute for Creation Research founded by Henry Morris and the Seagraves promotes creation science and biblical creationism. Its rationale is that Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is literally true and that the Earth is only several thousand years old. It is therefore a young earth creationist movement, as opposed to an old earth one. Evolution, it believes, did not happen, and the earth was created as the Bible says it was.

Institutional development

Originally the Creation Science Research Centre, it split into two organisations following divisions about its direction. The Seagraves wanted to emphasise a political line, but Morris saw his role as educational.

Morris started the Museum of Creation and Earth history, but it was later sold to the Light and life Foundation.

Originally linked to the Christian Heritage Centre, the Institute for Creation Research severed its connections so that it could present itself as a purely scientific institute. In recent years, it has moved from Calfornia to Dallas as it regards Dallas more central in the USA than California is


The organisation exists to find and promulgate evidence for creation and it opposes itself to Darwinian evolution. It attempts to make scientific research but the small size of the science faculty and limited research facilities make this difficult.

Research grants

It finds difficulties in obtaining research grants from most research granting organisations.There have been some expeditions, notably two to find Noah's ark or the remains of it. However, these have not produced results.

Education remains the main focus. One member, Ken Ham, has had some success with Back to Genesis seminars which seem to have been popular in some circles.


The institute has run some courses in science that are yet unaccredited. It did acquire the right to offer science degrees, but there were doubts raised in academia and by official inspectors about the limited size of the science faculty and eventually some degrees were withdrawn.

It cannot currently offer masters degrees in science, and this has excluded geology, palaeontology and archaeology. The institute runs a range of correspondence courses which are taken up by individuals in Christian churches with creationist leanings.

Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer (1507 )given by Christina of Sweden | date 1828 | medium | dimensions cm | 100.96 | 138.43 | institution M

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