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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 07:29

Ebook publishing is growing in popularity because it is easy, cheap and available to anyone. To do it, you will need writing and publishing skills, and you can draw upon a number of internet sites and services to help. You will need to market your book, but there are tools and companies that can be of assistance. Learn more on this service.

First principles

How to publish

To publish your book, you must first design and write it. You need to find a topic to attract readers and research on it. Work out what key words are likely to be typed into search engines and ensure that they are present in the book. Then, ensure that the written book looks like a book. It should have a cover and a title page.

It must have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which can be gained from Whitaker.co.uk and which every printed book should have. Whitakers can also send six copies of the book to the libraries of record, which all publishers in Britain are obliged to do with each book that they publish.You should present your book as a pdf file.

Organisation of the text

The book should be divided into chapters and sections, and the text should be in fully blocked lay out, which means that paragraphs should be divided by an empty line.

Include interesting illustrations, diagrams and photographs, but ensure that you have copyright for the photos or a licence to publish. There should be a table of contents. Including links to other sites makes you more likely to be on Google's first page, which is where the sales predominantly come.


Advertising and selling

The problem with any book is its advertising and selling. There are two ways. You might have your own website which will contain tools that download the book to buyers. However, you would need to arrange to receive card payments, both debit and credit.

Online publishers

You can use the services of an online publisher, though they would need a profit. These publishers can sell ebooks and on demand print books. This uses technology that renders mass printing to run redundant. These publishers often have good business connections and might be able to get your book on Amazon. Your ebook might be downloaded onto kindle. They can also sell printed copies.


Certain companies offer valuable internet tools useful to ebook publishers. The site Ebookpublishingtools.com offers a range of services to people who are into self-publishing. Ebook software makes the setting of the text easy. They can also provide book cover software and there is a virtual vault that can store your works, and prevent illegal file sharing.

Kindle the eBook 2.0

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