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July 25 2011 2 25 /07 /July /2011 13:08

The Christian Fellowship Church is a conservative, protestant movement. There are Christian fellowships around the world forming a loose association. Christian Fellowships are characterised by a commitment to a Christianity strongly based on the Bible, which they take literally, a devotion to Jesus Christ as a personal saviour, a traditional morality and an ethic of service.

Evangelical Christianity


Evangelical Christians, like all Protestants, follow the ideas of Luther and Calvin. They do not have an ordained ministry of consecrated priests, but accept the priesthood of all believers. Thus, they have pastors chosen from among the wiser members of the community and each group will have a number of elders. Worship is based on preaching rather than ritual services.

Conservative views

Like most evangelicals, they reject infant baptism, believing that baptism should be an adult commitment.They practise baptism by total immersion. Infants are dedicated to God in a ceremony early in their life. Preaching is strongly based on the Bible, which they take literally. Thus on the whole, they are likely to be creationists, rejecting evolution and adhering to a literal historical account of biblical history.


Sacraments do not form a part of this church's life. Like all Protestants, they accept the biblical sacraments of baptism and Eucharist, but they do not regard the Eucharist as the body and blood of Christ as Roman Catholics do. For them, it is merely a commemorative meal eaten in remembrance of Jesus


The CFC believes in the salvation experience, in common with many other evangelical groups. This is the strong and overwhelming sense that one has been saved by Jesus Christ and is connected with a commitment to give your life to him.

Members declare that they have been saved. Hence, Christian life is for them, an acceptance of Jesus Christ as a personal saviour, which expresses itself in a strong personal devotion to him.

Gift of tongues

Church members are likely to take part in enthusiastic ceremonies, where hymns are joyfully sung. The gift of tongues is known in these services. This is a strange phenomenon of worshippers speaking in a strange language, which is not connected with ordinary speech, but is not babble. Some claim the gift of interpreting tongues.

Members adopt a strong, traditional Christian morality, being generally anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia and in favour of chastity outside marriage.

Members will often attend church camps for young people where the Christian message is reinforced. They will also undertake missionary work in other countries, which may consist of teaching and preaching, but sometimes it consists of charity work, e.g. helping in clinic or school construction.


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