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August 8 2011 2 08 /08 /August /2011 13:44

Windmill power is a renewable form of energy capable of being harnessed in a domestic residence or on a larger scale. Hills and coastlines are considered to be ideal places for wind generation, as they have regular wind. There have been complaints about noise, scenery and threats to birds, but it is a clean mode of generation. This article will provide you with facts on the windmill power.

Facts of windpower

Harnessing the wind

Britain is a windy country, so some people harness wind for electrical power. This can be done on a domestic basis with a single wind generator, but the owners need to have some electrical gear to enable them to convert the current to their use. Some firms use windmills to power their operations. Farmers sometimes benefit from having large wind farms on their land, as this means that they can receive a payment that can supplement their farm income.

Ideal locations

The weakness of windpower is that it is inoperative when there is no wind, and generators must be switched off in case of severe winds to prevent blades flying off, so places with regular wind are ideal. These are hill tops, coasts, islands and out at sea. The windmills, which convert wind power to electricity, are connected by cable to the national grid, or, if domestic, to the owner's house electrical system.

Advantages and complaints

Clean and ecologically sustainable

Windpower is clean and ecologically sustainable. A generator can run for many years with minimum service and does not use fossil fuels that pollute the air. In a country such as Britain, an island with strong wind resources, wind power can be profitable to owners and make a valuable contribution to the national grid.

Noise pollution

However, there have been complaints. Some people argue that wind farms make more noise than they

are said to and that the noise is of a low frequency type uncomfortable for humans - a permanent hum coming from near your home might not be comfortable. The threat of a generator blade shearing off and hitting someone is real, but considering that windmills are regularly serviced, is not high.


The main areas of concern are their impact on the landscape and the view. For some tourist businesses, a windfarm in their view might not be an advantage. There are complaints that windfarms out to sea spoil the coastal view, but not everyone agrees, as they seem quite small in the distance. There is also the problem of wild birds flying into the blades and being destroyed. This might be quite serious if the windfarm is on a migration route. However, planning inquiries must be held before wind farms are established.

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