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June 10 2011 6 10 /06 /June /2011 08:02

Buying any pet is a responsibility, as you need to provide it with secure living conditions that are safe from disease. You also need to provide it with a proper diet composed of food that it wants to eat. Animals like the company of their own kind, so it is likely that your rabbit will like to be with other rabbits.

Safety first


Rabbits are very vulnerable creatures, and they find it hard to defend themselves against predators.

You must therefore be sure that the hutch that you have for it is secure against cats, foxes and rats.

This means that while the rabbit must have a view out of its hutch, the mesh must be securely fixed to the wood.

The floor of the hutch is a major concern, as foxes can dig under it, so give it a strong wooden floor.

Bunny care

Bear in mind that animals like to move around and enjoy their environment.

Your rabbit must have enough space for regular exercise.

This means that if there are several rabbits in the hutch, there must be enough room for them all, and large rabbits require more room than small ones.

By the time they arrive, you should have a run for them, but to ensure that they don't burrow out, cover the ground with mesh.

Bunnies for sale.

Ensure that the bunnies that you buy are healthy.

Get them from a reputable breeder and have them checked before they arrive. Be prepared to spend on medical bills.

If you buy a rabbit after the first, ensure that they are healthy, so that disease does not enter the hutch.

Start with clean bedding and renew it often, composting the waste.

Happy rabbits

Feeding rabbits

Feeding rabbits means giving them a good, balanced diet.

There are many good rabbit foods available from pet shops.

Rabbits, though, will happily eat grass in their run and will eat fresh greens put out for them, such as lettuce and cabbage, uncooked of course.

They should never have any meat.


However, rabbits are sociable creatures, and they do not naturally love human company, so it is better to have more than one of them in the hutch. You need to be careful about the balance of the sexes.

Two or more males rarely like to live together, whereas females can live together better than males can.

A male requires the presence of a females, and will mate.

As rabbits produce young every time they mate, expect a lot of little bunnies.

If you do not want this, keep only females or be prepared to give the new babies good homes.

1 Two wild rabbits found in undergrowth at Edinburgh Zoo | date 2011-0

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