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Anna Ryder Richardson was born in South Wales in 1964 and adopted very young, she went to live in Surrey. She has variously been a model, children's designer and television personality, and is married with a family. Her latest venture is to fulfil her dream and start a wildlife park in Wales, which was the subject of a documentary. Read this article to learn more about Anna Ryder Richardson.



Anna was born in Wales in 1964, to a Malaysian student father and a Welsh mother, but she was adopted very early and went to live in Surrey. In her time she has been a model,a fitness instructor and a designer of children's bedrooms. This role led her to appear on changing rooms, which made her a television personality.

She appeared on I'm a celebrity get me out of here and has also appeared on celebrity who wants to be a millionaire. In more recent time, she has been involved in advertising skin care products for Sanofi Aventis UK.


In 2001, she married long term partner Colin, a restaurateur and had children, Bibi-belle and Dixy-dot and moved to Glasgow. However, in 2005, they developed the idea of moving on in life and having their own wildlife park. This led them to purchase Manor park near Tenby in South Wales, whereupon they moved from Glasgow,selling their Georgian house in the centre.

The zoo

The Anna Ryder Richardson Zoo is now flourishing. Anna feels that she needed to make progress in her life and the zoo was the way she wants to go. She is wary of the word zoo, preferring wildlife park, as she is conscious that the word carried nineteenth century unpleasant associations of animals in cages. She is, however, aware that zoos in Britain belie the unpleasant associations of the word and that they have done important work.

The park contains a number of animals, including rare species such as lemurs, primates found in Madagascar, wild horses now extinct in the wild and the ever popular meerkats. The park developed an island to provide habitat for gibbons, a kind of ape and some monkey species. She was excited that the park could acquire some rhino, as African species of wildlife interest her. She hopes to acquire a wildlife reserve in Africa when she is sixty.

She and her family live in the park. Anna believes that in caring for wildlife and protecting some species, she is making a positive contribution to the world and creating a wonderful environment for her children to grow up in.


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