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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 07:37

Aluminium fencing is becoming more common because it is lightweight and easy to handle. Much of what can be done with wrought iron can be done with aluminium, often quite cheaply, but there can be disadvantages in that it does not have the strength that iron and steel possess, so it might not be useful for intruder prevention. Read this article to learn more about the pros and cons of aluminium fences.


A lightweight metal

An aluminium fence has certain advantages over a steel fence. Aluminium is a lightweight metal and so it can be easily handled. Anyone needing a simple boundary fence would find this metal [varyingly known as aluminum and aluminium] to be lighter than steel and less energy sapping to handle. Aluminium fencing might easily be in portable panels, so it is useful for stock farmers, who may need portable fencing which can create temporary pens and passages between them.

Domestic use

In New Zealand, an inventor developed aluminium fencing for protecting swimming pools. This was in response to a law which demanded that pools be protected from children falling in and drowning. An aluminium fence is sufficient to deter a small child, especially if the bars are close together and it is affixed to the ground. There must be lockable gate. It would be useful in enclosing a poultry coop, as it is strong enough to keep out a fox.


An ornamental aluminium fence can have the same ornate work as wrought iron fence designs. Being a relatively soft metal aluminium is easy to work into a variety of shapes, certainly easier than steel or iron is. This will cut down the costs of labour.



Aluminium derives from bauxite, whose smelting temperature is higher than the temperature at which iron ore melts, which adds to the production costs. There is also demand from this metal from the aeronautical industry, as it is used in plane construction, which creates an upward pressure on cost. Bauxite is not as easily available as iron ore, so costs again are pushed upwards.

There is a problem with the strength of aluminium. It is a lightweight metal easily bent. If you want strong security fencing to keep out intruders, then iron or steel would be better, as it is less easily bent or broken than aluminium is. Certainly, someone in an insecure area would be better using metals tougher than aluminium. Farmers with heavy bulls or horses, would feel more secure with steel. Anyone farming wild boar, which are kept behind double steel fences, would be wise to stick to steel.

Ring of Aluminium

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