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July 28 2011 5 28 /07 /July /2011 14:57

The Retired Greyhound Trust works in conjunction with the public and the Greyhound industry to find homes for retired and unwanted racing dogs. It works to find solutions to the problem of unwanted greyhounds. It performs a variety of activities that serve the interests of racing greyhounds and operates its own subsidiary company whose profits serve the trust. This article will provide an insight into the Retired Greyhound Trust.

The trust

The problem

Greyhounds are working dogs intended to make a profit for their owners. However, not all are successful and they grow old. Those which are not used as stud [the less successful ones] may be in danger of being neglected or put down, even though they have life ahead of them. The Trust rejects putting down dogs merely because they have no economic use and it will never put down a healthy greyhound. Instead it concentrates on rehoming them.


The trust clearly has kennels which can take a greyhound when it is first received. However, the prime aim is to find a new, loving home for the hound. The trust runs a greyhound adoption service so that even if a person cannot take a hound home, he/she can pay for its keep and will receive pictures and cards detailing its progress.

The trust works in conjunction with the RSPCA who may alert them when inspectors find maltreated greyhounds.


They also have dealings with the British Greyhound Racing Federation who work with the Retired Greyhound Trust to find solutions to the problems of retired greyhounds. In this area, the trust exercises an educational function, alerting owners to the problems of retired hounds and possible solutions.


The trust is a registered charity run by a board of trustees. There are several luminaries from the greyhound racing world sitting on the committee to make the link between the trust and the industry and to give a sign of the industry's approval of the trust.

The British Greyhound Racing Federation makes an annual donation to the trust though recently, financial pressures have caused this to decline. However, public donations are growing.

The trust runs a subsidiary company that sells greyhound merchandise. For example, if a dog goes to a new home, the company can sell the new owner what it needs. It sells gift cards and general greyhound merchandise at racetracks, sending the profits to the trust to fund its work.

The trust holds sponsored events such as a recent greyhound walk or family fun day and will have a stall at country shows and fairs

Greyhound | Source za zgod mojej znajomej - wikipedystki | Date 2005-0Sleeping greyhound, displaying some of the hair loss that is common in

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