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  • : The blog of Frank Beswick. It deals with my interests in religious, philosophical spiritual matters and horticulture/self-reliance
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July 23 2015 5 23 /07 /July /2015 21:40

Laying turf is an easy way to create a lawn.

The first thing is to prepare the ground. This is done by digging it over, then raking it smooth, a process that eliminates bumps and dents. If you do not do this, your lawn will look like a series of small mounds, as every indentation and hump will seem magnified. But before you lay the turf, ensure that all stones are raked out, as otherwise they will work their way to the surface. A thin layer of compost laid over the ground will be a good idea, but it must be evenly distributed.

After that lay the turf. You will have had to buy this from a turf dealer, and it will come in rolls. You should sue it as soon as possible, as otherwise the rolled turf will suffer from light deprivation and the grass will go pale. Fit the turf as closely as possible to any grass next to it, so that you do not see a joining between the two, and the rolls should be firmly laid next to each other. Water in the turf with a good dose of water, spread thoroughly across the lawn, and ensure that the turf is pressed down so that the roots of the grass touch the soil below them. Keep the lawn well fed and watered. If any parts look weak and pale, you can add grass seed, but ensure that the whole lawn is well fed with lawn feed.

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