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  • : The blog of Frank Beswick. It deals with my interests in religious, philosophical spiritual matters and horticulture/self-reliance
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May 29 2015 6 29 /05 /May /2015 23:10

Reviewing any work by an author whom you have met is always a an expression of a relationship, but this review is something of a tribute. Patrick Whitefield gave me my first course in Permaculture, and even in the brief time that I knew him he had an impact because of his wisdom and strong, pleasant character. Sadly, this was his last work, as he died this year, 2015] aged sixty six.

The book is the product of a lifetime of study and observation in the field. It is the case that one sign of knowledge and wisdom is the ability to express it concisely and clearly, and this is so with Patrick Whitefield. The writing is crystal clear and concise. Words are never wasted, and the author achieves the rare balance between concision and articulacy, neither too few nor too many words.

His detailed understanding of the landscape and the processes by which it develops over time is laid out in language that the simpler reader can understand, but from which the more knowledgeable reader can learn much.

Altogether this is an enjoyable, well written and informative work that will enlighten readers about the British landscape throughout the ages, and how from clues in the present we can infer back to past conditions and events. This is definitely worth purchasing.

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Derdriu Marriner 09/08/2017 19:59

I regularly consult my Patrick Whitefield's Earth Care Manual, How to Make a Forest Garden and Permaculture in a Nutshell. Amazon also has The Living Landscape and Tipi Living. Is the first an earlier version of How to Read the Landscape, and what is the second like?

frankbeswick 09/09/2017 09:33

Shortly after How to Red a Landscape Patrick died. So there are no second editions as far as I know.