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March 9 2015 2 09 /03 /March /2015 11:27

North West England has been having a cold spell, and the rain has come with it. That's not bad, as recently Spring time has been quite dry. We need a few rainy sessions to fill up the water butts. I must admit that I need to get some guttering to take the rain water from my greenhouse to a water butt, but I have several small pots around the plot to catch rain. The trouble is that at this time of year the taps are switched off to prevent pipes bursting in frost, and they will not be switched on before April, so when you plant you need to use up some of your water stores.

I have been planting second early potatoes in the raised beds. The raised beds have also seen the planting of onions. I tried Ailsa Craig this year. They are large and you don't get many per packet, but I am planting smaller varieties as well. The problem is with the carrot tapes. It is so windy that laying them down is hard, but I am thinking of pinnning them to the ground with cocktail sticks. The same goes for the tapes of spring onion seeds. Some maincrop potatoes are going to be laid down soon. Tney are a blight resistant variety. 

I am going to use the flame weeder soon, as the manure that I spread contained some weed seeds, a perennial problem, and driving the hoe through wet manure is  a heavy task. Keep on burning them off. I pruned the cherry trees and took the larger branches into my wood store. Wait a year for them to dry out and there's more firewood. 

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Published by frankbeswick - in Gardening
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Derdriu Marriner 09/11/2017 18:36

When are the pipes switched off? Is it around the fall frost date? Will cold ever affect indoor water flow?

frankbeswick 09/11/2017 20:43

The valve is closed in November. There may be frosts before that date, but they tend to be uncommon and at worst a centimetre deep. The pipes to the taps run underground, so generally are not affected by frost,as the frost round here does not get very deep. The flow to the toilets is cut off at the same time, but we refresh the water used in flushing by having bucket available, which is refilled from a water butt near the toilet block.